Do you have a love for cartoons and anime? Is it something that you have always wondered how they made so impressively? The timing, the expressions it can all come through if you are careful with it. However, there is one thing about cartoons and Animes’ that is pretty interesting. The voice acting, in Japan voice acting is known as Seiyu.

However, voice acting really is from all around the world. One such man is known as Michael Coleman. Voice acting is narrating or using your voice to give life, to otherwise, silent character. It sorts of like what a ventriloquist would do. So, in this article, we are going deep with what it’s like to be a voice actor.

Voice Actor


When it comes to voice acting, you have to really think about the time wherein you could just be who you are but also showcase what you are capable of. You have to think of something that will surely develop what you already have. It’s nice to know that you are capable of different characters since you are going to be a voice actor. Out with the monotone in with runs and dips, well, unless your character is monotone.


Believe it or not, there is a lot of difference between our speaking voice in real life and on record. You have to figure out style and dictions and other things, so, record your voice and see where you can get better at. See what you are capable of its nice to have that as backup, just in case.


Every story has a character, and every character is unique so figure out what makes that character a character and practice on what you can do and how to deliver. It’s always a surprise that could be useful for you in the long run. So, try to practice as much as you can and try to bring in some variety to it.


Nobody would know what you are capable of, if you hide there in your garage. Market yourself, get yourself out there, get the word out there. It won’t be an easy path and it’s going to have a lot of rejections and maybe some callbacks. However, it’s a lot better than just waiting, that is totally an amateur move.


Watch other peoples work, see what you can take away from all that. You might surprise yourself, so, try be open and figure out something that could work for you in the long run. Compare and then work from there. Create something beautiful and wonderful, you never know what could be happening out there. It’s just the way to go, if you are undecided over things.

So, don’t be scared to try something new, and give yourself a chance and room to grow. The path is definitely not paved but it is something that if you really want you could get. Voice actors who succeeded in their craft is proof that.